Philips captures Capsule

Collin Arocho
Leestijd: 1 minuut

Philips has announced the acquisition of medical device integrator Capsule Technologies. Amsterdam’s medtech juggernaut is dropping 530 million euros as it looks to utilize Capsule’s medical device information platform – comprised of device integration, vital signs monitoring and clinical surveillance services – to enhance patient outcomes, improve collaboration between care teams, streamline clinical workflows and increase productivity. The platform, which connects almost all existing medical devices and EMRs in hospitals through a vendor-neutral system, captures streaming clinical data and transforms it into actionable information for patient care management.

“Integrated patient care management solutions supported by essential real-time patient data and AI are core to our strategy to improve patient outcomes and care provider productivity by seamlessly connecting care,” says Roy Jakobs, chief business leader of connected care at Philips. “The acquisition of Capsule will further expand our patient care management offering. We look forward to integrating our strengths, adding a vendor-neutral medical device integration platform that further unlocks the power of medical device data to enhance patient monitoring and management, improve collaboration and streamline workflows in the ICU, as well as other care settings in the hospital and beyond its walls.”

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