Pandemic accelerates ASML’s adoption of AR

Paul van Gerven
Leestijd: 5 minuten

Travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic opened a door for ASML that had been firmly closed: using augmented reality to troubleshoot complex issues at customers’ fabs remotely. Now the company sees plenty more opportunities to take advantage of the emerging technology across the entire organization.

About three months ago, an ASML team installing an EUV scanner in a Taiwanese fab ran into trouble. There was a pressure problem they couldn’t wrap their heads around. Normally, this means an expert is flown in posthaste. However, with corona quarantine measures in place, it would take him at least two weeks before he could get to work, seriously jeopardizing the customer’s production planning. To save the day, a local engineer put on a pair of hastily couriered Microsoft Hololens 2 mixed-reality smart glasses (see sidebar), allowing the expert in San Diego to get a view on what the engineer was seeing and guide him through the right steps to fix the problem.

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