Omnidots’ Swarm sensor secures €1M investment

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Omnidots has announced the closing of its second investment round. This time, the Groningen-based scale-up brought in one million euros from Groningen’s Boost-Up fund for its Swarm vibration sensor for the construction industry. With this money, the company will look to accelerate expansion of its team and enhance its global reach, having already proven its growth potential in international markets such as Australia and the UK.

Credit: Omnidots

According to Omnidots, vibrations resulting from construction activities are a major problem worldwide, as these vibrations can cause damage to existing infrastructure, sometimes to the point of collapse. Additionally, these vibrations serve as an inconvenience and a disturbance to the daily lives of people in the surrounding areas. To build safely, it’s extremely important to monitor vibrations and intervene in time when the vibrations become too intense. With its Swarm construction vibration sensors and the associated Honeycomb SAAS web platform, this is now possible.