NXP, Signify, ST sued for IoT patent infringement

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Tridinetworks, an Israeli IoT company, last month filed US lawsuits against NXP, Signify and STMicroelectronics for patent infringement, JD Supra reports. Tridinetworks accuses NXP of selling infringing NFC tags, Signify of using its wireless programming technology for LED drivers and calls out ST’s usage of connection technology in a development environment.

The move reeks of desperation, as Tridinetworks only holds three patents, of which only one in the US. Founded in 2008, the start-up hasn’t released a product in years. “Tridinetworks may be cash-strapped and looking to make a final run at keeping the company afloat. By filing lawsuits against three industry titans, one could speculate that it’s fighting for survival,” writes JD Supra.