Nowi’s PMIC to power solar TV remote controls

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Just a month after announcing a strategic partnership with Japan’s Murata Manufacturing Company, Nowi is now announcing another collaboration. This time around, the Delft-based startup will be working with Remote Solution to embed its low-cost and efficient energy harvesting power management integrated chip (PMIC) into television remote controls. With this partnership, collaborators are looking to develop world-class eco-friendly controls to help limit the waste of the 15 billion batteries ending up in landfills each year with a perpetually self-powered unit.

Credit: Nowi

Nowi’s NH2 PMIC is designed to efficiently extract power from ambient energy sources, such as light and vibration, to charge a wide variety of energy storage elements. The chip is a revolutionary power management product as it has combined top energy harvesting performance – through its optimized Maximum Power Point Tracking feature – with a 98 percent reduction of the PMIC assembly bill-of-material size and cost, enabling great efficiency in TV remote control applications. Additionally, new developments in energy harvesting technology have significantly lowered the cost of implementation, making this innovative solution economically feasible in remote controls.