Nowi teams with Telink for eco-friendly remotes

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The partnerships keep pouring in for Delft’s Nowi. On the heels of announcing a new partnership with Remote Solution, the energy-harvesting specialist is now teaming up with China’s Telink to embed its power management integrated chip (PMIC) to help power eco-friendly and energy-autonomous TV remote control units (RCUs).

Credit: Nowi

By combining Nowi’s cost-effective and quick-to-integrate NH2 energy-harvesting PMIC, Telink’s connectivity platform enables fast development of high-performing and cost-effective sustainable TV RCUs. The NH2 is implemented for this use case to efficiently extract power from indoor light, through the photovoltaic cells on the remote, in order to boost and convert it to useable energy that can charge TV remote batteries indefinitely.

“This new self-powered TV RCU reference platform will simplify the design process of our customers and enable them to get to market faster,” says Haipeng Jin, COO of Telink Semiconductor. The combination of Telink connectivity and energy harvesting is powerful as it enables TV RCUs that are both greener and more user friendly by eliminating the need for battery changes entirely.”