NLR launches first drones beyond the visible line of sight

Collin Arocho
Leestijd: 7 minuten

With swarms of drones now filling the sky, air traffic safety is identified as a primary challenge. In a joint European effort to address these concerns, NLR is ushering a public-private collaboration for the implementation of new regulations.

The use of drones has skyrocketed in popularity. The estimated global market potential for commercial drones is over 100 billion euros, which means – drones are here to stay. But, with a furious increase in the number of drones in the sky, what are the implications for airspace safety? As part of a joint European project, the Royal Netherlands Aerospace Center, NLR, is bringing the Dutch public and private sectors together in a quest to implement Europe’s vision for the safe, secure and efficient management of drone traffic, known simply as U-space.

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