Nedinsco and TNO develop laser module for satellite communication

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Venlo-based optomechatronics specialist Nedinsco is working with TNO on pioneering laser technology for communications between satellites and Earth. Currently, radio frequency is used for this. The newly developed technology offers a number of advantages, like improved speed and safety.

Laser communication is made possible by a lightweight optical module, which can be mounted on a satellite. It can pick up laser signals from Earth and convert them into data. Nedinsco is responsible for the design, development and production of the modules, including assembly of the optical elements and extensive testing. Testing will focus on environmental requirements, risk minimization and tolerance analyses.

A satellite-mountable optical module picks up the laser signals from Earth and converts them into data. Credit: Nedinsco

The collaboration is set to last for several more years. In addition to the laser technology for space, the companies see plenty of opportunities for further joint development.