Michael Colijn takes charge of Heliox

Nieke Roos
Leestijd: 1 minuut

As of 2 January, Michael Colijn is the new CEO of Heliox. He’s taken it upon himself to drive the Best-based charging specialist to the next level. “We anticipate the EV charging market to accelerate at an even faster speed,” comments Mark Smidt, founder of Heliox. “We welcome Michael on board to take the lead and guide us in the new decade.”

Colijn received his education in universities in Europe and the US, studying the topics of environmental physics, energy transition, energy law and entrepreneurship. He started his international career in solar energy and has contributed to the energy transition in the past 20 years. In his last position, he was responsible for growing the Asia Pacific clean heating business as General Manager Heating Asia for Bekaert, world leader in ultra-low emissions and high-efficiency heating technology.

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