Medtech Twente asking national government to chip in

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Innovation hub Medtech Twente is asking for an investment of 8.75 million euros from the Dutch government. Regional stakeholders will put up double that amount, bringing the total investment to 26.25 million. The money will be used to carry out Medtech Twente’s Investment Agenda, which was presented to undersecretary Mona Keijzer on 28 September. The ambition for the medical technology cluster in the east of the Netherlands is to become a European front runner by 2030.

Mona Keijzer accepting Medtech Twente’s Investment Agenda from Overijssel deputy Eddy van Hijum. On the left: Jaap Beernink, director of ecosystem builder Novel T. Credit: Oost NL

Additionally, several innovation campuses across the country are petitioning Keijzer to start an investment fund to support the construction of lab spaces. Existing facilities have filled up, stifling innovation by limiting the growth of startups, for example. Apart from infrastructure, the Investment Agenda calls for public capital to aid in taking new technology to the market. This includes financing for proof-of-concept and product development, and creating entrepreneurial and supportive environments.

Medtech Twente is also eyeing a 100+ million euro investment from the recently announced 20 billion euro National Investment Fund.