Maxon Motor Benelux develops new brushless torque motors


Albert Slot is manager sales at Maxon Motor.

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Maxon Motor Benelux has evolved from a sales agent into an innovative production company. At its new premises in Enschede, including its own R&D department and cleanroom, the company develops and manufactures novel products, including a new brushless torque motor for ASML.

Maxon Motor is the global market leader in high-precision drive systems. Its customer-specific solutions contribute to innovations in fields where precision and reliability are paramount, such as medical technology, industrial automation and robotics, security technology, automotive and aerospace.

In recent years, Maxon Motor Benelux has been developing in-house motors at customers’ request, including a new line of brushless torque motors and small linear motors. These compact motors make new applications possible. The brushless and linear motors are shaped by the customer’s application, answer the need for even more compact drives, and are also very powerful and intrinsically safe.


Maxon Motor Benelux serves the market for low-volume motors of high complexity. In the Benelux countries, the company doesn’t produce hundreds of thousands of motors per year; rather, it manufactures customer-specific motors in batches of a few hundred. Custom drive solutions based on Maxon technology for every type of motion. This approach requires a close working relationship with the customer’s R&D centre, enabling Maxon to serve as a partner in the development process. And with its own global network, the company can serve customers around the world.

Maxon developed the new brushless torque motor and the compact linear motor for ASML’s NXT4 platform. Among other things, the process aimed to optimize the torque density rating. Brushless torque motors and linear motors are ideal for increasing an application’s productivity; they also make mechanical transmissions superfluous, thereby enabling applications without power loss. The lack of mechanical wear and tear in the drive line eliminates the additional cost of maintenance. The first production units were delivered to VDL ETG in Eindhoven this year, for integration into the wafer handler.