Mapiq’s smart-office software attracts new investment and partnership

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Dutch software developer Mapiq seems to have found its groove during the corona crisis. In April, the Delft-based company pocketed 3.4 million euros in new investment, led by energy innovation fund Energiiq, to scale up its smart-office software. Now, just weeks later, Indian light manufacturing giant Wipro Lighting has announced the launch of Office Shifts, a post-corona smart office technology, in conjunction with Mapiq.

Credit: Mapiq

As the world looks to get back to ‘normalcy’, companies are looking for new solutions to keep employees safe, while also maintaining productivity. Mapiq’s software is designed to enable flexibility and maximize the utilization of office space for employees, post-COVID-19. It achieves this by installing sensors at individual workspaces throughout the office, which detect the presence of people at their desks and provide employees with direct visual feedback. Capacitive technology senses both under and through the desk with high precision. Collected data is sent to and processed by the Mapiq platform, which provides employees with a real-time view of the workspace in an interactive 3D map. This real-time view into floor occupancy can help organizations reopen their offices by allowing employees to keep their distance after COVID-19.

The software can be scaled and upgraded depending on the policy changes organizations need to make due to government directives. “Social distancing, sanitizing and restrictions on meetings and gatherings necessitate a newer and efficient manner of functioning. This is where Mapiq’s Office Shifts technology is useful,” says Anuj Dhir, VP and business head at Wipro Lighting. “It ensures both employee safety and productivity.”