Manus VR gloves grab 2 million in investment

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Eindhoven’s Manus VR has closed its Series A investment round, capturing two million euros in new capital. The funding for the virtual reality data-glove developer comes from Eindhoven Venture Capital Fund II, an investment fund of ECFG. The money is earmarked to help the company extend its expertise and knowledge of data glove production into more innovative VR solutions for industrial use.

Manus VR’s Prime One. Credit: Manus VR

By focusing on sensor technology, comfort and software development, the Manus VR gloves are designed to provide reliable haptic feedback by tracking finger movement and bring your hands into the virtual world. The implementation of virtual reality is increasing as companies look for a way to cut costs, for instance, by providing employee training or prototyping in the VR world. In fact, the Manus VR gloves are currently being utilized by clients such as NASA, Daimler and Volkswagen (link in Dutch).