Local governments support Dutch quantum supply chain

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The province of South Holland, the Metropolitan Area Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH) and Quantum Delta NL have awarded a 450 thousand euro subsidy to Impaqt. All six members of this consortium focus on components that are specifically designed for use in quantum computers. Together, these companies aim to create a supply chain that will accelerate the development of quantum technology, ultimately delivering scalable and commercially available quantum computers.

Credit: Daniel Verkerk for Qblox

Participants in the consortium are Qu&Co (quantum algorithms and software), OrangeQS (system integration), Qblox (quantum control hardware), Delft Circuits (cryogenic cabling), Quantware (quantum processors) and Demcon (shielding). Most of them are based in Delft and they hope to make the area into the world’s ‘one-stop shop’ for quantum hardware.