Lightyear vibes with Vibes on sound engineering partnership

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Lightyear is announcing a new collaboration with the Delft-based The two Dutch companies are teaming up to improve sound and vibration within the Lightyear One solar hybrid car. In the collaboration, Vibes will use its knowhow to set up a robust sound and vibration engineering process to enhance the comfort of Lightyear’s ultra-efficient vehicle, which is seen as an important step towards further growth and acceptance of EVs.

Credit: Lightyear

With Lightyear’s focus on improving efficiency, its EV is designed to be low-weight and have low aerodynamic drag. These specifications, coupled with its integrated solar panels and four in-wheel motors, help enable the Lightyear One travel for distances up to 725 km, according to the company, with little use of the charging infrastructure. Sound and vibration engineering is seen as an important aspect to ensure a pleasant experience while driving longer distances.

By using Vibes’ expertise in modular sound and vibration engineering for the automotive industry, Lightyear is looking to take a proactive approach to deal with any potential sound and vibration issues before the company’s long-anticipated move to full-scale production. “In the development of Lightyear One, Vibes can show its full potential by improving the acoustic experience in the passenger cabin for the customer,” says Caspar Boerlage, a noise, vibration and harshness engineer at Lightyear. “I’m confident that this will boost Lightyear to a next level by the use of state-of-the-art measuring techniques.”