Lightyear manufactures solar roofs at Inalfa site

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Starting in August, Lightyear is manufacturing solar roofs in the Inalfa Roof Systems building in Venray. Inalfa, a supplier of automotive sliding and panoramic roofs, the company recently decided to move its production to Poland, freeing up office and production space. This space will be partly taken over by Lightyear.

Credit: Lightyear

“We are very pleased with this production location, as there is a wealth of test equipment available,” says Hans Heijmans, COO at Lightyear. “Inalfa has highly qualified automotive personnel, with many years of knowledge and experience with supply chains. Additionally, Lightyear can further collaborate with companies, schools, and universities in the region.”

Lightyear recently announced that it will partner with Finnish Valmet Automotive to manufacture its solar-electric cars.