Koolen stays committed to Dutch autonomous cleaning robot

Collin Arocho
Leestijd: 1 minuut

Aziobot is receiving another investment from the Dutch clean-energy conglomerate Koolen Industries. This comes less than two years after the ’s-Hertogenbosch-based robotics startup garnered Koolen’s support to develop its first AI product – the autonomous floor-cleaning robot known as SB2. This injection of capital is designated for use in the expansion of the Aziobot team in anticipation of the product’s market release.

According to Koolen’s chairman and CEO, Kees Koolen, Aziobot’s AI solution is an important step toward the future of clean energy. “I have particularly high hopes about how Aziobot’s software can help drive the energy transition,” he says. “Automation will be a vital part of all sorts of technological discoveries that will help us ensure that everyone has access to both clean energy and to ever more user-friendly solutions. It goes without saying that Aziobot’s unrivaled autonomous software and artificial intelligence expertise will be invaluable for our group.”

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