Infineon to surpass NXP as the world’s largest automotive supplier

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The planned acquisition of Cypress Semiconductor would make Infineon the world’s largest supplier of automotive chips, IHS Markit points out. Last year, NXP topped IHS Markit’s top ten automotive semiconductor supplier ranking with an automotive revenue of 4.5 billion dollars. Infineon earned second place with 4.1 billion dollars in revenue. Adding 14th-ranked Cypress’ automotive sales, Infineon moves up to the top spot with an automotive revenue of 4.9 billion dollars.

Infineon announced Monday it signed an agreement to take over Cypress. Like NXP, which intends to buy Marvell’s wireless connectivity business, the German chipmaker is looking to broaden its product offerings. “With this transaction, we’ll be able to offer our customers the most comprehensive portfolio for linking the real with the digital world. This will open up additional growth potential in the automotive, industrial and Internet of Things sectors,” commented Infineon CEO Reinhard Ploss.