IBM’s quantum clientele tops 100

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More and more companies seem to be interested in IBM’s quantum computing services. Over 100 organizations across multiple industries are now part of the IBM Q Network, which was set up to explore practical applications of quantum computing. One recent addition is Delta Airlines, the first airline to dabble with the nascent technology. Presumably for logistics problems, the airline hopes it can smooth its customers’ travel experiences.

Meanwhile, the technology itself keeps progressing. IBM reports achieving a quantum volume of 32, in keeping with plans to double this measure of quantum computing effectiveness every year – a little like Moore’s Law for quantum computing. Often the number of qubits is used to convey computing power, but many more parameters are involved with that. Quantum volume – a term introduced by IBM itself, but not yet commonplace – takes into account things like decoherence times, noise and more.

IBM showcasing a quantum system at CES 2020. Credit: Robert Jones, IBM