High Tech NL and BCSemi NL to join forces

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Business Cluster Semiconductors The Netherlands (BCSemi NL) Tuesday informed members about its intention to merge with High Tech NL. BCSemi proposes to become a semiconductor branch within the trade organization, but otherwise to keep operating as it currently does. No decision has been made on whether the BCSemi brand name will be retained.

“At the moment, both BCSemi and High Tech NL are discussion partners for national and international projects. Both organizations are represented individually at trade fairs. This creates ambivalence and inefficiency. We are aiming for a central point of contact with a powerful lobby. One face and one party to represent us to government, knowledge institutions and the business community. This positioning will reinforce our interests,” BCSemi writes in a letter to members.

Credit: BCSemi

Charles Smit, installed this year as the chairman of BCSemi’s board, previously hinted at more collaboration among high tech trade bodies in the Netherlands. “All of them do important work, but it may be too much of a good thing. We might want to consider cooperating on a larger scale so as to be more effective,” Smit told Bits&Chips.

BCSemi is currently consulting members on the proposed merger. High Tech NL members will vote on the proposal on 20 June.