Hiber’s out-of-this-world IoT solution goes live

Collin Arocho
Leestijd: 1 minuut

In 2018, Dutch start-up Hiber launched two nano-satellites into the stratosphere. Now, the Amsterdam-based company is announcing it’s dedicated IoT satellite service, known as Hiberband, is now live and ready for customer trials.

While terrestrial networks (like Lora, NB-IoT or GSM) work in urban areas, the remaining 90 percent of the world relies on expensive and power-hungry satelites for connectivity. Hiberband, however, is designed specifically to bring low-power and low-cost connectivity to remote and developing areas. In fact, Hiber already has more than 70 customers signed up and projects planned on every continent. Current Hiberband test applications include soil moisture monitoring, beehive monitoring and crop monitoring.

“After only 3 years of hard work, Hiberband is the first network of its kind to become operational on a global scale,” says Laurens Groenendijk, Managing Director Commercial and co-founder at Hiber, recently named Dutch National Icon. “With full freedom to operate everywhere in the world, we’re looking forward to supporting our customers wherever they need to be.”

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