Han Schaminée is a product innovation consultant.


Good product ownership key for high predictability

Leestijd: 3 minuten

A few years ago, I learned some important lessons. I worked in the automotive industry, where suppliers are selected using a thorough process of requests for quotations, execution is based on detailed contracts and requirements, and payment is largely linked to a successful launch of the car. The negotiation power of car manufacturers is high, as they don’t commit to the supplier’s product from the get-go.

Furthermore, automotive manufacturers typically reserve one additional year between the supplier delivery date as committed in the contract and the introduction of the vehicle. They use that period for intensive integration testing. Any supplier who believes his project is over when his stuff is shipped with the right quality, couldn’t be more wrong! They keep you on your toes until the very last moment, just before vehicle introduction, exploiting every inch in the specification and of their purchasing power.

The lesson I learned back then: there are other forces that determine the lead time of a project than just the specification.

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