Hans Odenthal is the HR manager at Sioux Technologies.


Good managers don’t always answer questions straight away

Leestijd: 4 minuten

Waiting to get more context before answering a question is harder than it seems.

In our high-tech world, most managers I know have an engineering background. Using logic and solving problems is what we’re taught to do. As a manager, you’re also expected to solve problems. If someone in your team asks you for help, your instinct tells you to try and find a solution. It’s better if you don’t.

The art of slowing down, I like to call it. During my career, I’ve coached many young managers on people management skills. First of all, you must have a genuine interest in people. This is something you can’t learn or train. Your fellow workers will immediately notice when you’re only playing the game for your own benefit. What can be learned, is to suspend judgment to find out what the other person really needs. If you hold on to your bias, you’ll start asking questions and drawing conclusions from your perspective.

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