Ghent IoT scale-up Waylay finds a solid foundation with the Arm Pelion platform

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Waylay, the Belgian IoT automation expert, announced that it would be partnering with Arm Pelion Device Management. By combining its expertise in IoT automation and analytics with Arm’s device, connectivity and data management platform – known as Pelion – the Ghent-based start-up sees the opportunity to better enable businesses scale IoT projects and accelerate their time to value.

There are already several use cases where the duo has helped solve specific challenges for customers. Examples include device battery usage: measurements, as registered in Pelion Device Management, can be at the same time used in Waylay to predict when the battery needs to be replaced. Also, when a new device registers in Pelion Device Management, customers can use Waylay to have their ERP and asset management systems immediately updated, without any human intervention. Additionally, machine errors that are tracked and reported in Pelion Device Management can be used to create automated orders for new parts or replacement schedules via Waylay.

Credit: Waylay

“Automation is becoming increasingly important in simplifying the onboarding, updating and reporting of IoT devices needed to scale IoT deployments,” said Chris Porthouse, vice president of product and operations at Arm. “Through our partnership with Waylay, we offer our customers access to a powerful and easy to use automation framework for data processing, business rule management, workflow orchestration and third-party integration.”