FME and TNO bring together Dutch electrolyzer companies

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FME and TNO are starting a national ‘electrolyzer community’, the Electrolyzer Manufacturers Platform (Dutch: Elektrolyser Makersplatform). Following an exploratory study together with Dutch provinces, the two organizations conclude that the Netherlands is well-positioned to set up an internationally leading electrolyzer manufacturing industry. But for this to happen, the 70+ Dutch companies that are currently involved with the water-splitting technology need to be brought together.

Credit: Eric de vries/TNO

Previously, a consortium spearhead by research institute Differ was awarded 1.25 million euros to develop a new generation of electrolyzers. Unlike existing water-splitting technology, these so-called Anion Exchange Membranes (AEM) electrolysers are compatible with intermittent power supply by renewable energy sources, and use cheap and abundant materials.