Europe sets up one-stop shop for photonics deployment support

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Photonhub Europe has been awarded a 19 million euro investment from the EU’s Horizon 2020 program. It’s being established to help European SMEs and mid-caps become highly competitive digital businesses through faster and smarter deployment of photonics-based technologies. This should result in the creation of over 1,000 new high-tech EU jobs and nearly 1 billion euros in new revenues and venture capital by 2025.

Credit: Photonhub Europe

Photonhub will gather all of the best-in-class photonics technologies, facilities, expertise and experience of 53 top competence centers across Europe under one roof to form a one-stop shop for any European company that wants to innovate with photonics. It will provide training, ‘test-before-invest’ innovation support and aid in finding investment.

According to Photondelta, the Dutch photonics network organization and one of the leading partners in the new European hub, it represents a “great opportunity” to increase the visibility of the sophisticated Dutch integrated-photonics supply chain. “Key European photonics organizations combining forces is a requirement for success. I’m convinced that Photonhub will be able to shorten both time-to-productization and time-to-market, particularly for smaller photonics companies,” says CEO Ewit Roos of Photondelta.

Photonhub Europe expects to become operational early next year.