Eindhoven startup Maxwaves beams 5G to the max

Collin Arocho
Leestijd: 4 minuten

The release of the next-gen 5G network is just around the corner. But to realize the enormous potential of the upgraded network, an overhaul of the infrastructure is still required. A new Eindhoven-based startup Maxwaves believes its solution can pick up the slack and beam high-frequency signals over longer distances.

There are still several unknowns about the highly anticipated arrival of 5G. As 5G is expected to move to higher frequencies for enhanced data rates, the questions become: how far can the signals travel? What effect will weather have on propagation? And perhaps most importantly, what’s the much-needed infrastructure overhaul going to cost? Ronis Maximidis, of Eindhoven-based startup Maxwaves, believes he has a cost-efficient, low-power solution, thanks to the development of devices with several small antennas (pixels) at the focal plane of a reflector – known as a focal-plane array (FPA). The technology was developed by fellow-student and contributor Ali Al-Rawi during his PhD studies at Eindhoven University of Technology.

The Maxwaves solution is a new antenna system that combines a high-gain reflector and a small sub-reflector positioned around the focal point. At the center of the larger reflector sits a constellation of small antennas that enable power spreading across the elements of the FPA, resulting in enhanced beam-steering capabilities. “This configuration lets us place all the electronics behind the reflector and use it as a heat sink. Millimeter-wave electronics are highly inefficient and generate a lot of heat, by using adaptive power control we can reduce the wasted system power, which helps in terms of sustainability,” explains Maxwaves CEO Maximidis.

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