Eindhoven Engine kicks off

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Eindhoven Engine is the name of a new research accelerator that starts this week. The goal is to increase the innovative power of the Dutch high tech industry by stimulating engineers from industry and scientific researchers to work shoulder to shoulder on development projects with breakthrough potential.

Maarten Steinbuch, an entrepreneurial professor at Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE), is one of the driving forces behind the initiative. He envisions how researchers, engineers and university students will contribute to the success of the new research engine. ‘Colocation is key,’ he says. ‘We pull engineers out of their organization and give them an opportunity to work here on campus with students, PhDs, PDEng students and researchers from the TUE, Fontys and the research institute TNO.’

TUE professor Maarten Steinbuch is one of the driving forces behind the initiative. Photo: Eindhoven Engine/Bart van Overbeeke

Per project, a maximum of half a million euros government money is available. Participating companies are asked to contribute in cash, people and instrumentation. This way, a total project budget can amount to 3 million euros. Total government support is 15 million euros. The first projects have already started on topics like smart mobility, advanced wafer stages, detection and treatment technologies for heart and vascular diseases, and smart cities.