Ebusco and Rocsys link up for automated bus depots

Collin Arocho
Leestijd: 1 minuut

Electric bus supplier Ebusco is teaming up with automated EV charging specialist Rocsys to realize a fully automated bus depot charging solution. The innovative ‘refueling’ system utilizes robots to ensure the combined charging system (CCS) plug is connected to the bus. By automating the process, the alliance aims to capitalize on two main benefits, namely time-saving and error-free charging.

In addition to the accuracy, collaborators are also touting the simplicity of rolling out the system. Charging solutions like the pantograph used by trolleys and e-buses don’t involve any manual interaction either, but they do require an extensive and costly infrastructure to run. The robot solution, on the other hand, needs only the installation of chargers at bus depots. “The only argument we regularly hear in favor of charging via a pantograph is that nobody has to do anything manually. That argument is no longer relevant thanks to this innovative robot,” says Ebusco CEO Peter Bijvelds. “This combination saves enormously on costs, time and permits compared to pantograph solutions.”

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