East Netherlands and Brabant join semiconductor alliance of EU regions

Paul van Gerven
Leestijd: 1 minuut

Thirteen European regions, including East Netherlands and North Brabant, are joining forces to improve the growth and competitiveness of the European chip industry. The newly formed Alliance of European Semiconductor Regions will focus on joint research and innovation, skills and talent development as well as cluster development and cooperation.

“As regions, each with our own specializations, we can play a key role in strengthening the European position in global chip production,” says Eddy van Hijum, who signed the letter of intent for the establishment of the Alliance on behalf of the eastern Dutch province Overijssel. The European Commission wants the EU to double its market share in semiconductor manufacturing by 2030.

Commenting on his home region specifically, Van Hijum said that “the eastern Netherlands is strong in the combination of chip design, manufacturing and photonics. With the commitment of the European Alliance, universities, knowledge institutes and companies active in the microelectronics industry in the East Netherlands can further strengthen their position in chip research, design and manufacturing.”

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