E-magy looks to accelerate the EV market with next-gen batteries

Collin Arocho
Leestijd: 3 minuten

After developing a new method to create nanosilicon structures for more effective EV batteries, Dutch cleantech company E-magy is putting its money where its mouth is, including its new 5-million-euro investment, to ramp up production and help drive the energy transition.

In the last few years, the transition to green and sustainable energy has started to gain traction and electric vehicles (EVs) seem to be one of the biggest drivers. In the Netherlands alone, 2019 saw the all-electric Tesla Model 3 reach the summit as the country’s top-selling car. A year later, according to the International Council on Clean Transportation’s (ICCT) 2020 market monitor report, 25 percent of all new car registrations in the low lands were either plug-in hybrid, PHEVs, or battery, BEVs – a 10 percent increase from the year prior. However, to stay on this trajectory, many of the key enabling technologies are also in need of a transformation – namely the one at the heart of it all: batteries. This is where Dutch cleantech company E-magy is looking to change the game with its next-generation battery material.

While traditional batteries rely on graphite anodes for energy storage, the technology isn’t extremely efficient. Silicon, which has a much higher storage capability, is an extremely attractive option but has its own set of challenges. “For years, maybe decades, the industry has known that silicon could be a great alternative solution for high-energy anodes. If you look at it per kilogram, you’ll find that silicon is vastly superior in energy storage than graphite,” explains E-magy CEO Casper Peeters. “However, silicon has one big drawback: the material swells and expands so much during the charging process, that it’s rendered unusable.” Or at least it was.

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