Dynaxion’s security scanner detects 350k in new investment

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Less than one year after receiving roughly 89,000 euros in the Opioid Detection Challenge from the US Department of Homeland Security, Eindhoven’s Dynaxion has just been awarded a big boost from the Dutch government. The HightechXL startup is getting an injection of 350,000 euros in new operating capital for its security scanner, thanks to the Early Stage Financing Scheme from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

Credit: Dynaxion

The funds will be used to develop proofs-of-concept (POCs) for several subsystems of Dynaxion’s scanning technology. With these POCs, the startup looks to demonstrate its unique combination of technologies to automatically and accurately identify dangerous and illicit goods in suitcases and parcels. Previously, it was announced that Dynaxion’s scanner was based on CERN’s radio frequency quadrupole (RFQ) technology, however, it remains unclear if this is still the case, as the company now only mentions particle accelerator technology. Demonstrations of the POCs are expected to take place by the end of the year, with a fully-working prototype anticipated by 2021.