Dynaxion successfully demonstrates security scanner concept

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Dynaxion has announced the successful demonstration of its proof-of-concept security scanner. The scanner, which is a compact particle accelerator, is used to identify and distinguish between benign and potentially dangerous or threatening materials in a non-obtrusive manner. In its demonstration, the Eindhoven-based startup proved it can accurately and automatically detect a variety of materials ranging from toothpaste, shower gel and milk powder to simulants for explosives and drugs. Having demonstrated its technology successfully, the company is now moving into its next phase of building a fully integrated prototype and has filed for a global patent on its novel detection system.

Credit: Dynaxion

In its proof-of-concept demonstration, Dynaxion utilizes a radio frequency quadrupole (RFQ) to generate a beam of neutrons. The system then directs these beams toward the various samples and gathers spectral information of the materials through the use of several gamma-ray detectors. The data is analyzed by the startup’s proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm, providing a fully accurate identification of all the samples.