Dutch semicon is challenged to synchronize with EU priorities

René Raaijmakers
Leestijd: 7 minuten

With ASML and NXP, the small Netherlands is a European heavyweight in semiconductors. It can’t afford not to join the new program IPCEI to strengthen the EU chip industry. The decisive factor is how the Dutch industry’s plans relate to the EU’s wishes.

In an online gathering with Dutch small and medium-sized companies, organized by Holland Semiconductors, Patrick Pype, director of European Affairs at NXP Semiconductors, warmly welcomed more stimulus for microelectronics. In Pype’s view, Europe needs to initiate and strengthen the actions for a drastic increase in both design and processing knowledge as well as manufacturing capabilities.

“Europe can’t be strong economically without achieving technological sovereignty in certain domains,” stated Pype. “We have to think an order of magnitude bigger, and an IPCEI – an Important Project of Common European Interest – is the ideal platform to bring together enough critical mass and to really make a difference in Europe compared to the rest of the world.”

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