Dutch display company Dimenco acquired by US peer

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Veldhoven-based 3D display company Dimenco has been acquired by US industry peer Leia. By joining forces, Leia and Dimenco are eliminating the existing technological and commercial divide between both companies. Previously, Leia focused on the Android platform, catering to the mobile and automotive markets, while Dimenco targeted on the Windows-based laptops and monitors for professional use. The merger will result in a single, cross-platform solution.

Dimenco’s 3D display technology, which originates at Philips, combines lenticular light-field computer vision, integrated sensors and image processing algorithms, to seamlessly experience realistic 3D objects without the use of glasses. Along with haptic technology, it’s possible to ‘touch’ and manipulate the 3D visuals in mid-air.

Credit: Dimenco

“We are living in a 3D world, and it’s inevitable that our digital experiences will align with this reality. While VR/AR headsets have their place, the breadth of our technology allows any familiar personal device to offer a seamless, immersive 3D experience,” says Leia CEO David Fattal. “Our customers wanted a unified solution across all devices – and this acquisition delivers exactly that.”

“We’re excited to be part of the Leia family and it delivers perfectly on our promise to provide immersive experiences accessible to anyone, anywhere on any device without the need for wearables,” says Dimenco CEO Maarten Tobias. He will join Leia as Chief Commercial Officer.