Dutch Analytics takes its AI platform to the bank

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Dutch Analytics is once again heading to the bank – Rabobank. The Yes!Delft startup announced that it has received an additional boost in financing from the Rabobank Startup & Scaleup Team to further develop its AI software platform Xenia. This comes just 6 months after the company received 2 million euros in new investment.

Founded at the end of 2016, Dutch Analytics has spent the last few years expanding and developing its Xenia platform. Its goal is to provide expertise in cloud technology and software development to customers struggling to get their data science models fully operational. “We know from our own experience that developing data-driven models is only half of the solution,” expresses CEO Yannick Maltha. “The other half is developing an infrastructure to get models operational, manage them and then share them. This applies to both advanced models, such as machine learning, but also code for statistical models and calculations.”