Dens hydrozine system fueled with millions in investment

Collin Arocho
Leestijd: 1 minuut

Cleantech startup Dens and its hydrozine system, which can safely store and transport hydrogen for on-location fueling, have received several millions of euros in new investment. The surge in capital comes from the clean-energy conglomerate Koolen Industries, together with Rabobank. With these funds, the Helmond-based startup will look to fund its rapid growth ambitions as it commercializes, scales and further develops its hydrozine technology to help fuel the energy transition.

Hydrozine is a safe and efficient liquid hydrogen carrier that makes it easy to store hydrogen in tankers and transport it to locations around the world. The fuel contains 53 kg of hydrogen per 1,000 liters, so it can store significantly more hydrogen at atmospheric pressure in a liquid form than gaseous hydrogen compressed at 700 bar. By using hydrozine as a fuel to generate energy on site, it’s possible to top up hydrogen or charge electrified vehicles and machinery in difficult and remote areas with little or no access to the electrical grid.

Offering a clean-energy alternative to fueling diesel-powered heavy vehicles and equipment, Dens is aiming to help accelerate the energy transition. “This will help farmers, miners, construction companies and others to replace their diesel-powered vehicles and equipment with carbon-neutral solutions,” says Dens CEO Max Aerts. “Even if they’re far from the grid or in cities where the grid may not be able to provide enough power for large projects.”

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