Denoize receives Uniiq investment to turn down outside noise

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Delft’s Denoize is getting a welcomed boost in capital. The proof-of-concept-focused Uniiq investment fund announced that it has contributed 200,000 euros to the noise-canceling tech startup. The funds will enable Denoize to further develop and validate its active noise-canceling technology designed for windows in homes and offices.

Credit: Denoize

The Denoize smart-glass system provides soundproofing to homes and buildings by counteracting and eliminating sound waves that vibrate particles in windowpanes, which are perceived as noise on the inside. The system utilizes piezo-based sensors and actuators in the window frame that measure the incoming waves and then uses computer algorithms to precisely counter the vibrations to actively cancel noise pollution from outside. Denoize’s smart-glass solution can offer up to a 90 percent noise reduction in low-range frequencies (0-1,000 Hz), which account for most of the everyday noise pollution people experience while inside.

In the coming months, Denoize aims to implement its first prototype in collaboration with, among others, Amsterdam airport Schiphol. “The Uniiq investment allows us to gather strong technical and market validation,” says Denoize CEO Aman Jindal. “This will enable us to implement our system in a real-life pilot by 2022. Until then the technology needs to be developed further, which is why we’re happy to raise the investment at this stage.”