Demcon powers solar road train startup Trens

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Trens has received a million-euro investment from four new backers. Apart from its three directors, the company has added Demcon, Oost NL, Herman Kok and an anonymous strategic investor to its list of shareholders. Headquarters and final assembly will move from the north of Limburg to the east of the Netherlands. Trens will rent space from Demcon in Enschede, which is also supporting further development and scale-up.

Enschede mayor Onno van Veldhuizen reveals the first Trens road train. Credit: Trens

According to Trens, its solar trains could replace (diesel) trucks within cities. The electric vehicles produce no harmful emissions, noise or smell. They’re compact and allow flexible, large-volume transport of goods and passengers. The range is extended by roof-integrated solar panels, so the trains do not need to be charged during the day. As a first customer, an internationally operating company will soon start using them for inner-city logistics.

Trens co-director Henk Kleef comments: “Conventional logistics with large trucks delivering daily to shops and restaurants in cities is no longer viable. The time has come to use our road trains.” Demcon CEO Dennis Schipper adds: “This investment in Trens gives us access to the world of sustainable mobility, one of the most important social issues of our time.”