Delmic raises €4M to make electron microscopy accessible

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Delmic has attracted 4 million euros from Value Creation Capital (VCC) and the European Investment Council (EIC). With the funding, the spinoff from Delft University of Technology and physics research institute Amolf aims to accelerate the development and international sales of its light and electron microscopy products. The company’s cryo, cathodoluminescence and fast imaging solutions are spread across a variety of applications in life science and material science research.

Together with Delft University of Technology, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Technolution, Delmic created the Fast-EM, an ultra-fast automated multibeam electron microscope. Credit: Delmic

“With this new investment round, we’ve found two very strong partners,” comments Delmic CEO Sander den Hoedt. “VCC brings a wealth of experience in the deep tech space with over 20 years of portfolio management. The EIC Fund brings a broad network. This investment round allows us to scale our service, sales and application activities, thereby rolling out our unique products to a wider audience.”