Delivering quality software with Agile

Ben Linders is an independent consultant in Agile, Lean, quality and continuous improvement, based in the Netherlands.

Leestijd: 5 minuten

To deliver high-quality products to customers, Agile teams and product owners have to jointly ensure the quality of the requirements and manage them effectively. Agile quality practices have to be ingrained in the team’s daily work. Ben Linders describes how it can be done.

Quality software starts with quality requirements. When using Agile, this means that at the start of a sprint you need the stakeholders and the development team to agree on the products and the specific functionality that have to be delivered to your customers. It’s important to have everyone involved committed to the same requirements: that ensures you’re developing a product that your customers need and are willing to pay for.

You don’t need to have buy-in on everything when you start a project. That’s unfeasible, too expensive and too time-consuming. This is where the Agile method can be of great help. Agile teams use a product backlog to manage their requirements. Product owners prioritize the user stories based on the expected value they will deliver to customers.

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