Delft-based Quantware sells quantum processors off the shelf

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You can have a 25-qubit quantum processor (QPU) delivered to your doorstep in just 30 days if you order it from Delft-based Quantware. A successor to the world’s first commercially available QPU, the 5-qubit Soprano launched last year, the Contralto offers its users the opportunity to focus more on results than on the basics of creating a quantum computer, says Quantware.

“Soprano enabled quantum computing research. Now, half a year later, with the size of Contralto, we give the world capabilities equal to only the very best makers of quantum processors. While big tech companies have built QPUs with a higher number of qubits, these aren’t commercially available and restricted in design,” says Quantware managing director Matthijs Rijlaarsdam.

Credit: Quantware

“Moreover, building a quantum computer becomes much more affordable with the availability of our new QPU. Creating a large-scale, full-stack quantum computer can cost in the region of 45 million euros. The Contralto provides the opportunity to build one for an order of magnitude lower cost,” Rijlaarsdam adds. “We hope to see our customers using this QPU to start scaling toward systems that achieve quantum advantage, solving problems that classical computers cannot feasibly tackle.”

Quantware is a spinout from Qutech and Delft University of Technology. Its quantum technology is based on superconducting circuits. The company is part of the Dutch Impaqt consortium, which unites six suppliers of quantum components to build scalable quantum computers.