Daan Kersten parts with Photonfirst to polish fast-growing gems

Paul van Gerven
Leestijd: 3 minuten

Confronted with global economic headwinds, Photonfirst is forced to shore up ambitions to go public in 2025, prompting CEO Daan Kersten to step aside and start his own company.

The CEO and CFO of photonic-sensing scale-up Photonfirst have stepped down to start industrial accelerator Include Industries. Daan Kersten (52) and Ilko Bosman (44), who both also served at 3D printer manufacturer Additive Industries, aim to bridge the gap between private equity investment and management buy-ins. The duo wants to help promising high-tech companies to realize their growth potential in a way that’s good for the owner, the company and its employees. Bits&Chips talked to Daan Kersten about his previous and his new venture.

First of all, what happened at Photonfirst?

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