CITC and HAN kick off chip packaging course

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The Chip and Integration Technology Center (CITC) and the HAN University of Applied Sciences have started a 5-month course in semiconductor packaging for front-end engineers. Seven students have signed up to get a comprehensive overview of the packaging and integration world and its specific issues and constraints. As the latter increasingly influence front-end design choices, the course aims to help smoothen the interface between front and back-end, thus streamlining the overall design process.

The course can (partly) be taken online. Credit: CITC

The course fulfills a need of the chip industry in the Nijmegen area, says Joep Stokkermans, director Innovation Equipment & Automation Technologies at Nexperia. “Whether it’s a photonics, 5G or IoT chip, it needs to be robustly packaged and connected to the outside world. Since modern packaging technologies require quite a bit of specialized knowledge, this course is exactly what IC companies need.”

Apart from engineers already employed, the course is also open to students at universities of applied sciences. CITC and HAN have started the recruitment process for the next edition of the course.