Bronkhorst and Phix team up for high-volume assembly of flow sensors

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Bronkhorst High-Tech is partnering with photonics packaging foundry Phix to have its MEMS-based mass flow sensors and controllers assembled in volume. The assembly of MEMS chips into functional modules involves similar equipment and processes to those used in the packaging of photonic integrated circuits (PICs), such as wire bonding and flip chip assembly. After working intimately together, the partners succeeded in developing an automated, high-volume production flow of devices with “unprecedented accuracy and repeatability,” according to a press statement.

Credit: Bronkhorst High-Tech

SME developers of both MEMS and PICs tend to run into the same problem when their initial prototypes evolve into more mature products, which requires them to be manufactured in higher volumes. Particularly assembly and testing are often overlooked, although these steps are undeniably critical for products to reach their full commercial potential. Founded in 2017, Phix aims to address this issue by offering flexible assembly services for MEMS and PIC devices.