Braincreators to launch surveillance anonymizer at Schiphol

Collin Arocho
Leestijd: 2 minuten

Digital inspection expert Braincreators, in conjunction with Advantech, has announced the launch of a new system known as Automated Recognition and Anonymization (ARA). With privacy protection in mind, the ARA system uses AI to automatically recognized privacy-sensitive information and anonymize footage from video surveillance cameras – enabling organizations to use camera images for virtually any purpose, while also complying with privacy regulations. Schiphol Airport will be the launching customer.

ARA continuously monitors footage from video surveillance camera systems. It detects people by faces, postures and environmental objects without identifying individuals. In addition, specialist algorithms have been added to detect motion and prevent flickering of the camera images. Since ARA processes every frame, each individual pictured can be anonymized with a mask of your choice, such as facial blurring or full body masking. This excludes any form of identification or profiling and is fully compliant with privacy regulations. Once anonymized, the footage can be used for further processing, without privacy issues.

Schiphol Airport will install the system within its video surveillance network. Their goal is to enhance crowd and line control, as well as to use the anonymized footage to recognize suspicious behavior, enabling police and security personnel to prevent incidents from occurring. “Thanks to ARA, we can gain added value from our surveillance images. This includes counting people, traffic flows, human behavior, public safety, automated visual inspections and checking the integrity of assets,” comments Raymond Kossen, product manager at Schiphol Group. “This will enable us to make our airport safer and more efficient while meeting legal requirements.”

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