Asperitas and Shell immerse themselves in keeping IT and the planet cool

Collin Arocho
Leestijd: 6 minuten

In the world of power-hungry data centers, companies big and small are coming together as part of the Open Compute Project (OCP) to build consensus and paint the industry green. In collaboration, OCP platinum members Shell and Asperitas believe they have a sustainable solution to keep your IT cool: immersing it in a specialized cooling fluid to drastically reduce energy consumption, while simultaneously harnessing waste heat energy for reuse.

Ready or not, the energy transition is coming. But maybe not the way you expect. This part of the transition isn’t coming from government regulations to try to cap emissions. Rather, it’s stemming from industry leaders and technological innovators putting their heads together to lessen our carbon footprint and mitigate our collective impact. For the last two years, Shell and the Netherlands-based Asperitas have been doing just that.

The duo has set its crosshairs on energy-guzzling data centers that are devouring huge amounts of power and contributing largely to emissions of CO2. The solution: immersion-based cooling of IT. In other words, sinking electronics and IT into baths of a specially formulated dielectric liquid that can effectively, and very efficiently, cool the components.

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