ASML to offer remote working from ’s-Hertogenbosch

Nieke Roos
Leestijd: 1 minuut

After the summer, ASML employees can also go to work in ’s-Hertogenbosch. The litho giant is renting 5,000 square meters in the headquarters of energy company Essent, near the central station. According to an ASML spokesperson in Brabants Dagblad, the hub isn’t meant for a specific team or project; it will offer a few hundred chairs and desks for remote workers of any department as an alternative to traveling all the way to Veldhoven.

ASML stresses that the hub is by no means a solution for the hiring and housing challenges it faces around its HQ. Despite signing a multi-year lease, the company says it’s an experiment for which ’s-Hertogenbosch is ideally situated. “The city is in a central location and many of our employees live nearby. And those who live farther away can easily travel there by train. We’ve deliberately chosen office space near the station to encourage people to come by bike or public transport,” explains the spokesperson. “If the experiment is a success, we aim to extend our stay in ’s-Hertogenbosch and even expand it.”

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