ASML teams up with Nvidia for computational litho

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ASML has been working with Nvidia to add support for GPUs in its computational-lithography software, the companies announced following the launch of Nvidia’s new Culitho library for computational lithography. Running on GPUs, Culitho speeds up the massive workloads associated with optimizing photomask design up to 40 times, Nvidia claims. This enables fabs to produce 3-5 times more masks per day compared to traditional CPU-based systems. TSMC and EDA firm Synopsys have also embraced the library.

Credit: Nvidia

“We’re planning to integrate support for GPUs into all of our computational lithography software products,” says ASML CEO Peter Wennink. “Our collaboration with Nvidia on GPUs and Culitho should result in tremendous benefit to computational lithography, and therefore to semiconductor scaling. This will be especially true in the era of high-NA extreme ultraviolet lithography.”