ASML readies EUV workhorse for shipping

Paul van Gerven
Leestijd: 3 minuten

The accelerated introduction of ASML’s NXE:3400C EUV scanner should take care of logic makers’ production capacity needs. In fact, even memory makers are getting on board now.

Pretty soon, in Q3, ASML will ship its first full-fledged EUV production scanner, the NXE:3400C. Many more machines will follow: the NXE:3400C will be the IC industry’s EUV workhorse until 2021, unless ASML decides to develop another NXE-model or two before moving to the next (and last) generation of 0.33 NA scanners, called NXE Next. These NXE Next machines will take advantage of components designed for 0.55 NA (or High NA) scanners to further improve performance. High NA itself is scheduled to be introduced in 2023.

Originally, the first NXE:3400C shipment was slated for a later date. ASML accelerated its introduction last year when chipmakers got convinced of EUV’s viability and started ordering more scanners than ASML could build. Quickly ramping up production capacity in Veldhoven and Oberkochen proved impossible, but by moving up delivery of better spec’d machines, IC makers are expected to be able to meet their capacity needs after all.

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